World Alliance for Christian Communication (WACC)

WACC promotes communication for social change. It believes that communication and conversation is a basic human right that defines people’s common humanity, strengthens cultures, enables participation, creates community and challenges tyranny and oppression.

WACC Started back in 1950 when the north Americans and the Europeans were looking for guild lines for the future of religious broadcasting. We hope you co-operate between peoples of different faiths and cultures. we promote democratisation of communication and freedom.

We are mostly supported by the protestant churches of Europe and north America. Ever year the WACC Central committee supports more than 120 communication activities and projects.

You may ask how we are structured well we are made up of more then 850 corporate and personal members in 115 countries organized. WACC only supports communication studies/training programmes.

Visit this site often we will keep you updated with the latest new on religion for more information visit our News page

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