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Let your dream come true: become as rich as Hollywood celebs

Nowadays, many current affairs dedicated to new USA President Donald Trump because he is in the public eye and manage to trigger by far an awful lot of controversial rumors. The thing is that he promised strange and impossible things in his interviews. Probably this feature of his charismatic personality helps him to earn and win enormous money that he possesses on his bank accounts. His addiction to gambling discussed in yellow press, namely in the way of being economical of the truth but embellishing with details. So, it is needless to level with you about some his exciting stories connected with his business.

However, have you known that Trump is owner of hotel and casino resorts? From the young age, he likes to gamble, but with money of other people. It is interesting that Entertainment Resort of Donald Trump was opened before President Election in 1980’s. However, by 2014 he has become a bankrupt four times according to Chapter 11. Few curved accounts help him to avoid financial meltdown. Today, after his inauguration of the presidency, his gambling business must proper in full vigor but things happened vice versa.

Trump Taj Mahal Casino has been one of biggest and the most lucrative casino in Atlantic City for more than two decades. The problem turned up when Borgata of billionaire Carl Icahn opened in 2013 next to trump Casino. Later he bought Taj Mahal and invested in vain more than $ 100 million in it, but unfortunately casino was shut down in October 2016. The business of Trump now belongs to Carl Icahn who is famous billionaire in USA. He reported that so many people last year hit the jackpots that he lost around $150 million on Trump Taj Mahal during the last 18 month. That’s why billionaire set his sight on no longer supporting a casino that is not profitable at all. So, the lights of Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino officially went out for the final time at 6:00 am. It means that possibility to win huge profit and live lavish lifestyle is nowhere near.

taj mahal casino

The bright example of it could be the preferences of celebs. They were frequent guests of Trump casino. You would not believe your eyes when you would meet high-popular celebrities, politicians and artists in casinos. Popular members usually have private rooms to hire and different entertainment service like organization of party, tasting wine and delicious cuisine, free access to playboy clubs, Wi-Fi and football/fashion show screening. Such celebs like Paris Hilton, Kerry Packer, Michael Jordan and Gerard Pique are interested in gambling. Virtually all of them play professionally and win huge sum of money. For instance, Ashton Kutcher is impassioned fan of sports betting. Once Ashton took his chances in it and ranked $750,000. However, not only Kutcher keens on betting sport competition, but also Charles Barkley, 50 cent and Charles Sheen have a tendency to bet the sport book. Poker lovers are Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Tobey Maguire, Matthew Perry, George Clooney, Martin Sheene and Denni Rodman. All of them repeatedly hit the jackpots and master their skills in that game. History shows that the vast majority of rich and famous personalities addict to different extreme games of chance, get not bad profit to their accounts and rise their popularity in such way.

It is about to check how lucky you are! Take a trip to Las Vegas London and Paris or play gambling online sitting in your comfortable, homely chair. The chances are high that you become richer tonight. If you need to choose the best online casino and play exciting game – you are welcome to review the rating of roulette websites on Apnet.