Advanced Roof Coating Technologies In Action

Polyshield Hi-E represents a sprayed polyurea elastomer that meets the highest technological and operational requirements for elastomeric coatings. The unmatched efficiency Polyshield is achieved due to a set of amino-polyester resins, amino-resin and isocyanate. The conjunction of elements contributes to creation of a flexible, durable and monolithic membrane with good resistance to water and chemical attack.

Polyshield features

The revolutionary material boasts 100% eco-friendliness; it is free of harmful impurities, solvents and other volatile organic compounds. The high speed gel material allows coating a layer just once regardless of whether the surface is vertical or horizontal. Unlike tar board and mastic-bituminous roof coating materials, Polyshield Hi-E sustains a wide temperature range (from -60°C to +150°C) with no changes in physical parameters.

Polyshield guarantees high elasticity and resistance to cracking; moreover, it offers reflex properties, meaning it reflects the sun’s energy by 65%, beating the traditional competitors that absorb solar energy, which leads to overheating of the roof in the summer. According to Britannia, a prominent polyshield manufacturer and a roof coating and roof waterproofing expert, admits the fact that Polyshield has recently acquired the bestselling status in its niche, and the gap between analogs keeps on growing.

Spheres of application

Mentioned below is the list of industries and spheres where Polyshield is actively utilised:

  • Roof waterproofing (concrete and metal roofs, foundations and ground floors of buildings)
  • Used as protective elastomer for sprayed polyurethane foam
  • Used for waterproofing of concrete tanks, swimming pools, tanks sewage, treatment plants, dams, tunnels, barges and etc.
  • Used as a covering membrane with geotextile fabric for encapsulating garbage in landfills.
  • Applied as a sealant for polystyrene and many other materials
  • Utilised as a protective coatings for decorative items (e.g. columns, waterfalls, statues, highway markings, etc).

Top Polyshield Solutions: the might of polyshield K5

Polyshield K5 is an ultra-durable polyurea of high elongation; elastic polymer, originally developed as resistant to explosions, blanking the blast wave. During development it was found that Polyshield K5 is extremely resistant to abrasion in comparison with dozens of coating types. K5 model can be applied on the surface of any geometry and configuration of varying film thickness. Therefore, Polyshield K5 is indispensable for the protection of surfaces with areas of intense abrasion.

Polyshield K5 features

The powerful material boasts a good number of exceptional properties compared to traditional polyuria solutions. K5 polyurea coating suits virtually any surface, it resists various kinds of shock and stands out from the crowd with high abrasion resistance. In addition, the material has the properties of noise absorption, providing excellent flexibility and no deformation at low temperatures. Unlike other polymeric material it lacks hydrophobic properties, and therefore very little reactive with cold or damp surfaces. The seamless polyurea waterproofing coating is ready to go within minutes after application.

The material composition has no solvents; and moreover, the polyurea is compliant with FDA/USDA standards for incidental contact with food products.

Polyshield K5: spheres of application

  • Ramps, chutes, hoppers, chutes and roof coating (as well as roof waterproofing)
  • The material is successfully applied in wagons, trucks, hoppers and dump cars coating
  • Screws, propellers and conveyors coating
  • Protective coating for the inner surface of sludge pits and pipelines
  • Open platforms and decks of cargo ships and boats

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