Know In Detail About WACC and its Projects

WACC stands for World Association for Christian Communication. It is an NGO. (Not for profit Governmental Organization). It works towards building the communication rights and hence promotes social justice. They focus on offering support and guidance to people of all culture, ethics, and belief.

WACC firmly believes that each has the right to speak along with the rights they have for food, clothing, and shelter.

History of WACC

  • WACC started its journey by 1950, and the formal establishment began with the trustee board members during 1968. WACC combined with the committee in North America called as RAVEMCCO.
  • In the year 1986, the WACC organization in the UK was recognized as a charity and business association in Wales and England.
  • Then in 2006 WACC was registered in Canada and became a charitable organization in the year 2008.

WACC Arrangement

  • There are 120 country members as part of the WACC.
  • Members are structured in regional associations. The eight regions include WACC Pacific, North America, Middle East, Latin America, Europe, Caribbean, Asia, and Africa.
  • The association has two independent companies that address their needs.
  • Every charitable company has its board members.
  • Regional association elects the board members.
  • The board has officers and general secretary. The board is registered as per the law in each country.
  • Finances will be shared in common by both the boards.

Role Of WACC In Addressing Communication Rights

  • They work with countries at the regional, national, and local level to address the communication needs.
  • Further to it, WACC strengthens the capabilities.
  • Advocates towards the communication rights of individuals.
  • Also, tackles all the enduring challenges, including the gender-specific
  • The board members meet yearly to discuss projects and prioritize the commitments based on the need.
  • Electronic meetings happen frequently.
  • WACC always insists on the co-operation between Roman Catholics, Anglican, and Protestants.

WACC Projects

WACC works towards offering professional support for the communication policies. It understands the development of communications globally. They also discuss the outcome of the events and take necessary action. In addition to it, WACC consistently works towards the woman empowerment. They train the Christian communicators.

The Projects They Execute Focus On The Following Topics

  • Identify and build the communication rights
  • Media justice
  • Gender righteousness
  • Communication towards achieving peace
  • Communication to eliminate poverty
  • Creating awareness about HIV and AIDS
  • Voices for ecumenism

WACC offers finances for all the communication projects mentioned above. They continuously support projects that highlight rights for the woman. They strengthen the power for conversation, cultural development. Also, creates Christian communities as specified in the WACC Christian principles.

The focus of WACC is towards providing freedom to every individual. This includes not only religion and culture selection, but also types of entertainment activities choice. That is why if you want you may freely have a good time trying out website ValleyGames and choose online casino based on reviews here, suitable to your taste.

They raise fund through various sources to implement the projects across locations. Since it is an NGO, they work with like-minded people to generate funding for their projects.

Ideally, they analyze the objective of every project and calculate the cost involved to collect fund accordingly.

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