Wooden house construction

Wooden house construction favorably differs from the alternative options. Its main advantages include: relatively high building speed, relaxing healthy atmosphere ( due to the natural wood smell), ecologically pure raw materials, work at any time of the year, climate control in the premises (cool in summer and warm in winter), cheapness and affordability of construction materials. 
Today, the timber houses are especially popular in the construction industry. Architectural and engineering firms offer their customers not only to create the project of their future house, but to buy ready timber houses. They became so demanded due to their characteristics, including the following:

Ecologically friendly building materials. The houses are built only from the pure timber, resistant to rot. The customer can develop the sketches, and the experts can adjust them and correct them, if necessary. The construction companies offer ready timber houses, whose price will pleasantly surprise you. The possibility of constructing “turnkey” houses with the use of different kind of bars.

Today the houses made of timber are very popular. They are characterized by safety and comfort. The projects of these houses are developed specifically. The customer can choose the house in European style or order the timber house for the cottage. Woodblock is not only a durable and practical, but also affordable material. Therefore, before buying wooden house, you should make all the necessary calculations. In some cases, it would be cheaper to build the wooden timber house than to buy a ready one.

You should take building and designing of your house very seriously. After all, it is your home that will serve you for decades. The main feature of the wooden timber house is the absence of foundation. The box itself can be built quite fast, and the internal work doesn’t take much time. Such houses are made out of conifers, as only these trees have a high concentration of resin, which provides durability.

The price of timber houses depends on: the type of construction material; the area of the house; the presence or absence of additional premises. Even the smallest details are described in the project. If the decision is made, and you are ready to buy a timber house, the building company you will contact will help you to choose the finished project that will meet all your requirements. The experts also can offer you wooden timber houses. So, among the building companies, providing building services of wooden house construction, we can highlight the one called “Piggott & Whitfield”. Apart from the ready houses, the company specializes in the building, offering the full range of services- starting from the engineering and ending with the landscape design. So, you can safely order the wooden timber house, and in a short while your dream will come true. We ensure durability, safety, and more importantly, affordability of the timber houses. The experts of our company will undertake preliminary consultation and help you to make a calculation of the project cost or provide the ready sketches. Using them, you’ll be able to choose and buy the timber house at an affordable price. The wooden house will become not just your dream house, but also economical and practical solution. It’s up to you to decide which house will be the embodiment of your dream.

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